Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda

Emerging from Melbourne's bubbling underground, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda (LIVE) is the live 3-piece evolution of Melbourne DJ/producer Harvey Sutherland's renowned solo project. Featuring Harvey himself on keys, Graeme Pogson on drums and Tamil Roegon on electric strings, Bermuda propels Harvey classics & fresh cuts into an immersive disco excursion. Harvey's lo-fi boogie and Roland house music has been cult hit amongst dancefloor aficionados worldwide, claiming the support of tastemakers Bradley Zero, Tom Noble and Motor City Drum Ensemble. The band's latest 12” "Priestess/Bravado comes via Sutherland’s own Clarity Recordings imprint ; two modern disco burners that summon the instrumental experiments of Patrick Adams or Arthur Russell.  Armed with the mighty Juno 60 synthesiser, deep-pocket live drums and a one-man electric string section, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda sweat it out with the crowd, luring you deep into their wormhole of jazzy disco-funk.