Haiku Thompson & Rydeen

Haiku Thompson

Haiku Thompson is a lover of big horn sections and well programmed drums, though not necessarily at the same time. With a passion for music with soul and a beat to groove to, Mr. Thompson's selections glide from disco to techno with ease. He's just as comfortable sitting at home with a cup of tea listening to records with friends as he is in the wee hours of the morning in the thick of a heaving dance floor.

He's been making crowds move with sets at some of Sydney's best underground parties including In The House and Haus of the Rising Sun as well as appearing at People's Club supporting Sydney's best.

Catch him nightly in Haberfield, annoying his house mates or out and about playing music he loves.


Raised on a healthy diet of new wave in the Australian countryside, Ry stumbled into Sydney’s hot and heavy dance music scene from the left fields of jazz and electronica. Host of the radio program Fear of Music on UNSW Blitz and gaining DJ chops in the backyards, basements and living rooms of Sydney. Rydeen has featured at underground parties such as Haüs of the Rising Sün and local club nights like People’s Club, learning first hand from some of the best acts playing in Sydney.

Part of the internet melting pot of musicians and DJs who are lucky enough to grow up with the synth programming of Mr Fingers standing alongside Miles Davis’ trumpet work. Ry gets dance floors moving with an ear for beautiful production, one foot grounded in a dusty, soulful history and another in a funky, synthetic future.